Why Exhibit At CSI 2018?

CSI 2018 provides an excellent platform to meet, network, negotiate and conduct business to new and existing customers. It is the best opportunity for you to position your brand and products at the forefront of information & cyber security buyers, end-users, resellers and potential partners in attendance, and help to establish or consolidate your company’s place within the market.

6 Compelling Reasons to Exhibit at CSI 2018
  1. Create an unforgettable brand experience to some 2000+ high quality attendees – CSI 2018 present a unique place to take control of how the Indonesia cyber & information security market views your brand and make a lasting impression on your potential customers.
  2. Generate lucrative, highly targeted business leads - Exhibitors are supported with our unique matchmaking programme (GMP) to make the right connections with targeted groups that include Government, Critical Infrastructure Operators, Financial Institutions, Manufacturers etc.
  3. First mover in a high potential market – Be where the action is. Ranked 69 on the 2017 ITU-GCI Index (Global Cybersecurity Index) and with the setting up of BSSN, Indonesia offers tremendous opportunities in its drive for further efforts in the adoption and integration of cybersecurity on a global scale.
  4. Speed to market (STM) - Reach a large proportion of the Indonesian marketplace within a 3-day time span and increase your share in a market where government, financial institutions & enterprises seek to adopt stricter compliance policies and deploy measures to protect data from fast-evolving cyber-attacks.
  5. Be where your customers are - Visitors who attend CSI 2018 are looking to find new products and innovations and are already in a buying mindset. Seize the opportunity to excite people about your products and services with face-to-face meetings with key buyers, potential partners and customers. You have to be here when they come looking!
  6. Anticipate future cyber & information security trends - Obtain feedback on your products & services. Discuss the challenges and opportunities of the Indonesia market with peers and learn from local experts on the direction and future trends of cyber & information security in an Indonesian market which is heavily driven by urbanization, device proliferation and manufacturing growth.
Previous Attendees

The bulk of attendees to CSI 2017 consist of:

  • Analysts
  • C-level professionals
  • Product managers
  • Security solution managers
  • Strategists
  • Security infrastructure managers
Decision Makers of CSI 2017 Attendees
  • 49 % responsible for security procurement decision
  • 30 % advise or influence security decision