Legal Document


Jakarta, 24 October 2017


We act for and on behalf of PT Infrastructure Asia ("IA"), inform to the public and all interested parties the following matters:

  1. IA is a foreign direct investment company in the form of Limited Liability Company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia is the organizer of Cyber Security Indonesia 2017 ("Event") which will be held on 6-7 December 2017 at Jakarta Convention Center, Indonesia as information can be obtained through IA official website at;
  2. Whereas the name of Cyber Security Indonesia with the padlock symbol inside a circle with three dots on its side has applied for Trademark registration by IA to the Directorate General of Intelelectual Property Ministry of Law and Human Rights Republic of Indonesia with the application number J00201703953 for Class 35 and application number J002017039342 for class 41;
  3. Whereas the trademark registration for Cyber Security Indonesia with the padlock symbol inside a circle with three dots on its side has been applied for Trademark Registration by IA, and such logo has no similarity either in whole or in part with those of other parties. By this letter IA openly denies any accusation regarding ny misleading information insinuating that IA has committed the intellectual property infringement pertaining the logo or name of the Event. IA asserts such information as fully incorrect.
  4. This clarification also serves to remind thos who circulated, promulgated or participation in redistribution such incorrect information to discontinue the activity. IA shall reserve its right to pursue any legal remedies, whether criminal or civil, for the circulation of such misleading information.

Thus information and clarification form IA. Thank you for your attention.


Given the complexities of digital financial world, let us put cybersecurity as core focus, for the leaks of data security can jeopardize the credibility and growth of the whole industry. For this reason, Asosiasi FinTech Indonesia fully supports Cyber Security Indonesia 2017 to create top of mind awareness on cybersecurity issue.

Niki Santo Luhur
Chairman - FinTech Indonesia Association

Now the whole industry begins to understand that it's better to prevent than to lose access and control data because of negligence to keep the data secure. Hence, this encourages APTIKNAS to endorse the implementation of Cyber Security Indonesia.

Fanky Christian
Head of DPD DKI - APTIKNAS (Indonesian ICT Business Association)

Indonesia, with its vast wealth of information is in urgent need of preventive and defensive measures against cyber threats. Other than protecting national interest, such measures are also required to protect the interest of its citizens. Actions taken may not be adequate through policies and regulations but through concrete actions involving all components of the nation. Hence LEMSANEG welcomes and endorses Cyber Security Indonesia 2017.

Major General (TNI), Dr Djoko Setiadi, M.Si
The Head of LEMSANEG (State Cryptography Agency)

ATSI (Indonesian Telecommunication Providers Association) supports Cyber Security Indonesia 2017 to encourage concern and awareness of the important needs of cyber protection system to prevent and minimise cyber crime for individuals, communities, governments and also companies in Indonesia.

Sutrisman Raden
Executive Director of ATSI